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Get Academic and Professional Writing Assistance of the Highest Quality in Minimum Time.

I am a professional polymath writer, teacher and student mentor and I've worked on over an estimated 15,000 dissertations, theses, journal articles, essays, assignments and research papers over my 20+ year academic and professional career.
My interests lie primarily in conjuring thoughts onto a Word document any time of the day/night and weaving these thoughts into an intricate, eloquent form capable of passing the most stringent scrutiny standards and eliciting the most significant amount of dopaminergic surges in the mind of the attentive and interested reader. Writing, in essence, is an art as much as your favorite sculpture or painting is. My goal is to harmonize my thoughts in the most ideal and beautiful manner possible, regardless of the subject area I'm working on.
Most people derive pleasure in partying, socializing with friends and family, traveling, playing video games, etc. I derive utmost pleasure in staying up all night and churning out fresh ideas, theories, philosophies, conjectures, analyses, rationalizations, concepts, etc. onto a clean Word document.


I have an eye for the technical and a voice for the eloquent. I love grammar, punctuation, document readability and design, and literary devices. I'm also keenly conscious of the necessity of a good rhetorical awareness in any writer and editor. You can choose from these services, or I can offer a more tailored approach to better meet your specific needs.


My project quotes are based on $25 for 250 words. This is far less than the big writing agencies charge. You may be paying for a prestigious address, high overhead, and agency expense accounts--and often the work of inexperienced recent graduates. And when you are on a deadline, I'm the guy you can call at the 11th hour to get something genuinely compelling onto the page.


Put simply, I'm a creative human being eager to work on projects that are as intellectually engaging as I'd like to think I am. The subject matter is largely irrelevant. I deal in the English language. Your passion is what really counts. That and a budget, of course. I'm not the cheapest wordsmith out there. But rarely have I worked with anyone who hasn't been pleased with the final result.

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I am diligent yet efficient, attentive, and reliable. I bring an acute focus, attention to detail, curiosity, and flexibility to each project and client. I am proficient in a variety of editorial platforms and collaborative mediums, and I am comfortable editing in both textual and digital formats. I continue to build my skill set as a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, the American Copy Editors Society, and the Bay Area Editors Forum. I work hard to align expectations at the outset, establish clear time frames for deliverables, and facilitate clear and consistent communication throughout the collaborative process. Throughout, I remain open to your voice and to the premise of your work and committed to the value of your vision.